Metamorphosis 2images and visions  

words speak to the mind, images enter directly into the heart


My art is concerned with mystery of being, and I explore this through a wide range of media including drawing, painting, photography, collage, printmaking, digital art, and installation. I have been an artist all my life. My work is wide-ranging – at times free, flowing and intuitive, at other times precise and geometrical. I draw on dream imagery, mystical experiences, and meditation visions in my work, as well as everyday objects and the natural environment. Photography usually features, either as trigger, process or content. An important feature of my work is an intense focus on colour.

I am also a healer, and I trained as a naturopath and osteopath, QHHT practitioner and past life regressionist. With a natural gift of clairvoyance, I bring to my art an awareness of the vast dimensions of being existing beyond the boundaries of the everyday material world. My images give a glimpse into this wonderful, mysterious domain of our existence – the shimmering energy and the colours, and the gorgeous shapes and patterns.

Recently I have been working with the concept of the mandala as a portal to the inner world and the source of self-unity, using photography, collage and digital imagery to make large tile-piece pictures. I have also designed and published two sets of meditation cards, illustrated with a total of sixty-six small mandala images. I shall shortly be publishing a book of imagery and poems.

Phone: 01873 859336
Email: thomas.judith@gmail.com


Dolores Cannon Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy Level 2 (QHHT) 2009

University of the Arts London MA Drawing 2003

University of Westminster BA Mixed Media Art 2000

BCOM ND & DO (Naturopathy & Osteopathy) 1981

University of Oxford BA, MA English Language and Literature 1963



2019   Fluence, Ladbroke Grove, London. Cheer Up part 2

2019   Fluence, Ladbroke Grove, London. Cheer Up part 1

2017   Tabernacle Gallery, Notting Hill, London. Here and Now

2016   Publication of Portals of Light Vision Cards 1 & 2

2006   New Hall Gallery, Cambridge. Perse Centenary Exhibition

2006   McKinsey, London. Summer Exhibition

2005  McKinsey, London. Summer Exhibition

2005   Seymour Practice, London. Featured Artist Solo Exhibition

2004   The Gallery, Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow. Cubo Bianco

2004   University Gallery, Northampton. Drawn

2003   R.K.Burt Gallery, Union Street, London. Seen Unseen

2003   Centenary Gallery, London. ?????????

2001   Battersea Park, London. Affordable Art Fair

2001   Diesel House Studios, Kew Bridge, Middlesex. Summer Exhibition

2000  University of Westminster, London. Sampler

1999   Essex Road Gallery, London. Milk-Round

1997   Kingsway College Studios, Kentish Town, London. Exhibition 

1995   Sutton House Gallery, London. De Beauvoir Summer Festival

1995   Sutton House Gallery, London. Shepperton Art Group

1988   Hutt Art Society, Wellington, New Zealand. Four Contemporary Artists

1987   Hutt Art Society, Wellington, New Zealand. Annual Exhibition

1974   Curwen Gallery, London. Fitzrovia Artists Exhibition

1963   Oxford University. Summer Exhibition

1959   Ely Cathedral. Exhibition of Children’s Spiritual Art