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Portals of Light Vision Cards 1 & 2

These beautiful Portals of Light Vision Cards have been created to inspire anyone embarking on an inner journey, or seeking to raise their personal frequency.
The thirty-three inner vision meditation cards each carry the image of a multi-layered mandala. These mandalas are inspired by the spiritual designs and patterning of Christian rose windows, Hindhu and Buddhist mandalas, and Islamic tile patterns, as well as Meso-American stone carvings and calenders. These pieces reflect the underlying symmetry and interconnectedness of all things. They journey into the mystery, and explore the relationship between the part and the whole, matter and spirit, the individual and the cosmos.
The images are created from tiny fragments of my own photos – often of inconsequential significance themselves – cut and formed into tile shapes to hint at an expansive landscape of our inner being. Each image is inlaid with powerful light codes and acts as a portal to draw in the meditator, and create an altered state of consciousness. Simply gaze into the image, and it will begin to reveal the wisdom of your inner being, your divine self.
Alongside each of the images is the name of a soul quality of high frequency. Contemplating these qualities and holding them in mind will help to raise the level of individual vibration, and keep it at a high level. The qualities can also form an additional focus for meditation or contemplation.
At this stage in our Ascension, we can find the wisdom and guidance that we seek within ourselves. These cards are therefore absolutely open to individual interpretation, and will reveal their insights in whatever form is most helpful to us at that particular point in our journey.
For personal use, one or more cards may be selected daily, weekly or monthly for meditation or contemplation, or intuitively chosen to uncover areas that require further personal work. They are also Ideal for use in group sessions, or as part of a structured study program.
A6 heavy-weight laminated cards in a glossy book-style box. Published by Light Codes 2016.
Available from the product page at menu/products or go to http://www.judithathomas.co.uk/products/
A4 high quality archival giglee prints of certain cards are also available from the shop.
If you would like larger A3 prints of these please contact me by email for orders, pricing, and shipping
If you have previously purchased my cards and have a favourite card(s), you may email me to order prints in either A3 or A4
Photo credits:  Displays: Judith Thomas at www.judithathomas.co.uk; Cranio-sacral class altar with Jean-Manuel Nadeau at www.jeanmanuelnadeau.com; personal altar with Astrea Sri Ana at www.astreasriana.com