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Light Code Drawings


These hand drawn Light Codes have been created with sacred geometry, and each one carries a specific purposeful energy. Their purpose is to place an intention or prayer for use in various personal and global situations.

Some of the codes relate to the shift that is taking place in our consciousness at the present moment. This shift is affecting the whole of planet Earth, as well as all human beings and all living creatures on her. Other planets are being affected too, as this shift is part of a wider upgrade of consciousness taking place in the cosmos.

There are also codes that relate to the chakras, and they act to balance and heal these important subtle energy centres.

Above each code is a description of its intent, and beneath it are syllables of ‘light language’, arranged like a song. Choose codes that resonate with you, and work with them. Read the description of intent, whilst looking at the image. Then, for maximum power, sing the ‘light language words’ three times whilst gazing at the light code image.