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All is as it should be

‘The valleys are still in darkness, but the slopes of the hills are lit up with a pale but ever intensifying light. Very soon this light will illuminate even the valleys which are not so far below. The light is bluish in colour, like moonlight under a full moon.’

‘A soft veil-like substance still hangs protectively over the landscape of earth, and within its folds can just be seen many thousands of people, waiting in their positions at intervals over the hillsides, some even very high up on the mountain.’

‘They are standing, feet firmly planted, looking toward the source of the light in great anticipation. All are facing this light, but not all have yet opened their eyes, nor are they conscious of their surroundings. These seem to be sleepwalking, and whiling away their time in dreams.’

‘Those whose eyes are open know that light is there, and that it is shining on them. They wish that the thin gauze could be drawn aside so that they could fully see its brilliance, and appreciate and recognise the true beauty of the landscape.’

‘We are all on tenterhooks for this moment too – and it will soon be upon us! All now depends on the synchronicity of certain events of earth and of the heavens. When these are aligned correctly and attuned, there will be a resonance and, as it were, a chemical reaction akin to placing sodium in water.’

‘The result will be an explosion of light, and a transformation or a transubstantiation, after which the entire earth will be changed for ever, as will those who have opted to rise with the earth to the new dimensions. The density and substance that existed previously will be no more, and in its place will be a fiery brightness of swift vibration, intense light and pure sound.’

‘You will find it hard at first to recognise your selves or your earth – that is until faded memories re-enter your consciousness, and you recognise with tears of gratitude your new home. With these words we urge you to complete all your clearances, so that you may be pristine in your rising, and access the highest possible level of your evolving Self.’

‘The time remaining before this event is short, so make haste in the completion of your preparations. We are all shouting encouragement from the sidelines, cheering you on to the finishing line of this amazing achievement.’

‘We love you beyond bounds and beyond belief. You will triumph in your singular and in your united quest. All is as it should be.’