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Darkness and Light

‘Both the darkness and the light are bursting out into full view at the current time. They are separating out and choosing to go either side of the dividing line. No longer seeking anonymity as a nebulous grey, they are shining their true extremes of colour. This is the lining up of forces on either side.’

‘Everyone must choose and everyone must come out into the open and declare themselves under their chosen banner, In the past, many have not wished to identify themselves, and thus have hidden amongst the crowds. Many more have simply never needed to address the choice, being content to sit on the fence, and keep their heads below the parapet. Others have not recognised themselves to be already aligned with one or other force.’

‘But now is the time, and the pace is accelerating. The great clearing is taking place at every level of the universe. Everything and everyone is being sorted and counted and allotted to their appropriate place. No corner is left unturned. Everything is revealed and everything is assigned, or assigns itself, to its destination.’

‘A spring-cleaning is taking place in advance of, and in anticipation of, Spring. Only a few months to go, and the Spring will be upon us, and all must be ready for the new start. The decks will be swilled and the brass polished, so all is shining and gleaming ready to reflect the rising sun.’

‘Soon you will see why this had to happen, but until then, carry on doing what you have to do, trusting that all is as it should be. Those working for the light must not be tainted by darkness. But they should understand that the brighter they shine, the more they stand out as targets for the darkness to attack.’

‘Once aware of this, they will be able to prepare and protect against the onslaughts. The darkness will not win, but is always hoping to capture a few prisoners, especially high-profile ones. It makes them look and feel good. Rest assured, though, that the occasions of the worst skirmishes signal that the battle is coming to a head, and this should provoke joy rather than alarm.’