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New Earth

‘The new world will be nothing like you imagine, because you are still thinking in the terms of the third dimension. In the new world, every thing and every one will possess a quality of light, which is completely inconceivable to you now. It will be both radiant and translucent. There will still be form to some degree, but the outlines of things will appear soft and shimmering, like rustling silk. All will be shot through with colours.’

‘The notion of separateness will vanish, and in its place there will be a sense of touching and blending at a subtle level. When you encounter another being, you will instantly perceive that being in its entirety, in a way that would normally be impossible on the old earth. There will be instant communication without the need for words, although you will be free to use words if you wish.’

‘Individuals will have the ability to adjust their own density. At first they will feel more comfortable if their bodies are at the dense end of the range. But soon they will begin to realise the freedom and lightness and clarity that comes with letting go of density. At this time, they will discard what remains of their physical structures, and move fully into a light body existence.’