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‘This is the substance of the stars embedded in the substance of matter, of the earth. The light runs through it like glittering thread, and it reaches the surface as especially shining particles which beautify and uplift the base substance. Though they are raised to the surface to be seen in their brightness, they are present at every level of matter and body, and run through it as lettering through a stick of rock.’

‘These sparks from the stars carry the essential coding of the spirit source of everything, and are to be found everywhere where life exists in the universe. What is happening here is that these sparkles, many of which have been dormant for a long while, are being infused with a stream of powerful liquid light from the angelic sources, which will activate and invigorate them so that their glossy brilliance can be clearly seen.’

‘This is indeed happening at this moment. It is the major reason why so many are awakening. The bright light within their structures has nudged them from their slumbers, and they are rubbing their eyes with astonishment at what the daylight brings! For the first time in a long, long time, they can see the lands stretching out before them, and it is so very beautiful.’

you have come so far

‘You have come so far. You have moved into hyperspace, and turned yourself inside out. You have travelled the spiralling cascade of the torus, and resurfaced into yourself as you really are. You have expanded beyond yourself to re-enter the core of your being. You have erased your definition to redraw it, and then lose it again in the oneness of being that is more than one and yet one.’

we are shining light

‘All of us are supreme beings in our own right – we have unlimited potential because we are God – we are shining light, so brilliantly shining that we dazzle ourselves and cannot see. We do not realise that we are who we are looking at, we are who we are striving towards, we are who we seek to return to, we ourselves are Source, as we are our pathway to Source.’