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What is happening?

‘Everything is accelerating, and it is all going to plan. There are many changes taking place in people’s hearts – they are opening wide and expanding the light within them, and this light is infectious. Its flame touches the next person, and their heart too opens wide to receive and give out the light.’

‘This chain reaction is progressing well, and we are pleased and gratified that at last the optimism and the hard work are paying off. For we see a beautiful network of lights lighting up all over the globe, and the network is shining brighter with every day that passes.’

‘Currently it appears to us (as to yourself if you were to step above) as a shining netting stretched over the surface. The individual threads are fluffy and radiant, and they glow, and the spaces between become filled with light also. It is like each thread has its own corona or halo of light – iridescent blue and white – and all of them together produce this hazy shimmering effect.’

‘Meanwhile from above, we are projecting streams of powerful light to connect with all the nodes on the netting. These streams fire up the individual heart lights further, and are then conducted through the light-carriers into the earth itself, where they energise the core.’

‘The eyes of the universe are watching as this miraculous event takes place. You are part the way through it already. The changes have begun, both physically on the earth itself, and in the bodies of the humans and animals and birds. But all levels are affected – all aspects of consciousness are changing and rising to a new level.’

‘The sounds and the light and the vibrations are affecting everyone, whether they know it or not. The elevating codes are being transmitted in many ways of sound, light and pattern – through images as in the crop circles and in channelled art works and in the sacred geometric patterns that are being revived and broadcast anew.’

‘Musical notes, harmonies and choruses are penetrating the fabric of the selves to be heard in the soul, if not in the ears, and these sounds echo the codes of the images, and of the pictograms and geometric formations.’

‘Essentially, all those who inhabit the earth, as well as the earth itself, are being bombarded with all the highest level information and knowledge to ensure that the desired and planned result is achieved.’

‘Beings have been planning, designing, tweaking and honing these messages for millions of years, so that this daring new experiment will come to a successful conclusion. We are all so excited and elated that finally the moment has arrived, and everything is looking very good.’